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The symptoms I had before using Pelviva were typical of many women, especially those who have had children. I always made sure I knew where the nearest toilets were and went to the loo at every opportunity, even if I didn’t actually need to go!

I used Pelviva for 3 months and found it very discreet, easy to use and actually makes a difference to your pelvic floor control. I had a very positive experience with Pelviva. I would certainly use Pelviva again when I find my control weakening.

Carolyn, aged 48
Mother of two

30 year old Lisa-Marie, suffered terribly with over active bladder for 18 months. ‘Since using Pelviva I have successfully come off my medication and would highly recommend Pelviva – it has certainly helped me!’

Before I tried Pelviva I was very dubious as to whether I would be able to confidently insert and keep it in for the recommended 30 mins as I have never used a Tampon or similar before. I was wrongly anxious as Pelviva was extremely easy to use with very clear instructions included.

Lisa-Marie, aged 30

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