Pelviva has been designed to easily fit into your life

It’s discreet, simple to use & only takes 30 minutes

How to Use Pelviva Video

Re-train your Pelvic Floor Muscles
Regain your bladder control

Simply follow our step-by-step instructional video. Before using Pelviva we recommend you watch this video and read the Instructions for Use (IFU) here. Please check the list of conditions and warnings (contraindications) and when you should not use Pelviva.

‘Pelviva was extremely easy to use with very clear instructions’ Lisa-Marie

  • Discreet: Pelviva is worn completely inside the vagina allowing you the freedom to continue with everyday activities
  • Comfortable: The soft foam adapts to fit each individual woman’s shape and allows Pelviva to move with you2
  • Easy: It’s a lot like using a tampon
  • Quick: Only takes 30 minutes every other day
  • Hygenic: Use a new Pelviva each time and dispose after each use

How often should you use Pelviva?


Exercising your Pelvic Floor is like going to the gym, you need to keep doing it to build and maintain fitness. The time it takes to bring your muscles back to fitness depends on the strength of your muscles and the level to which you leak.

Pelviva should be used every other day except when menstruating. If you forget to use Pelviva or cannot use due to menstruation, use every day to ensure you use 15 in each month. Use 1 sachet of OptiLube ™ lubricating jelly with each Pelviva.

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What does Pelviva feel like?

Most women describe feeling a pulsing sensation although we will all feel it differently. Some women will feel it more than others, sometimes the pulse may change in strength as you move and you may feel it more on one side than the other.

Some women new to using Pelviva have told us that the first few devices seemed quite strong but that they got used to the sensation after using a few devices.

How do you know Pelviva is working?

You may notice an improvement in symptoms within the first few days of using Pelviva as you become more aware of your Pelvic Floor muscles, but you should continue with the programme until you are sure that the improvement is lasting.

Your Pelvic Floor muscles did not weaken over night – be patient, it takes time to re-gain control.

With experience, you will learn how to use Pelviva to suit your body and obtain your best Pelvic Floor workout, achieving less leaks and greater bladder control.

Maintain your Pelvic Floor muscles

You will need to maintain your muscle fitness. Like all muscles, those in your Pelvic Floor need to be regularly exercised to keep them strong and toned.

Once you have completed your initial Pelvic Floor muscle re-training, we recommend you continue with a regular Pelvic Floor muscle training programme.

Are there any conditions that mean I should not use Pelviva?

Yes these include:

  • During pregnancy and for up to 12 weeks post delivery
  • Past history of Toxic Shock Syndrome
  • Pelvic malignancy (cancer)
  • Urinary tract infection (UTI)
  • Vaginal infection / Thrush
  • If you are under 18
  • If you have an implanted Cardiac Pacemaker or Sacral nerve stimulator
  • If you have a severe prolapse that you can feel at the opening of the vagina
  • If you have had Pelvic surgery in the last 12 weeks

Are there any conditions that mean I should take extra care when using Pelviva?

Yes these include:

  • High or low blood pressure
  • Epilepsy – consult a healthcare practitioner before using Pelviva
  • If you use a Diaphragm for contraception remove before using Pelviva
  • Take care when inserting and removing Pelviva, if you have vaginal / labial or clitoral piercings
  • Dry / itchy vagina (atrophic vaginitis)

Please note: Pelviva is nickel-free and made of hypoallergenic materials so you should not have an allergic reaction to Pelviva.

If you are concerned about having an allergic reaction to Pelviva please contact your General Practitioner or healthcare professional before use.

If Pelviva is not suitable for you, we recommend you contact your General Practitioner or healthcare professional, who can suggest alternative treatments for you.

For confidential advice, you can contact the helpline at Bladder and Bowel UK. This is a national helpline which is managed by a team of Specialist Nurses and Continence Product Information staff.

Tel: 0161 607 8219


1. Oldham J, Herbert J, McBride K. Evaluation of a new disposable ‘tampon-like’ electrostimulation technology (Pelviva®) for the treatment of urinary incontinence in women: a 12-week single blind randomized controlled trial. Neurourology Urodynamics 2013; 32(5):460-466. doi 10.1002/nau.22326.
2. Femeda data on file 2014.

Models are for illustrative purposes only

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