A recent interview with menopause specialist Dr Shahzadi Harper

Menopause and bladder leakage have held pole positions on the ‘do not discuss’ list for, well, forever! But women are speaking out more and more these days – with each other, with their families and with the press. Knowledge is power and being prepared for the menopause can really help to lessen the impact it has over your life.

A recent interview with menopause specialist Dr Shahzadi Harper, answers some common questions.

But it’s clear that there is still a long way to go when it comes to spreading the word and getting a sympathetic, empathetic response from our male counterparts. Pelviva recently did a survey in which 500 men aged 45-64 were asked how many symptoms of the menopause they could name. Over half of them couldn’t name a single one, 97 managed to name just one and only 3% were able to name five or more symptoms.

Here at Pelviva we’re huge advocates of talking about the menopause and the common side effect that is bladder leakage. Let’s give these topics the airtime they deserve. #DontIgnoreYourPelvicFloor

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