Pelviva is the first of its kind – an award-winning pelvic floor muscle trainer that trains your pelvic floor muscles for you

Pelviva has been clinically proven to improve bladder control in 84% of women in just 12 weeks.1

Pelviva Trains Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Helps you regain bladder control

Bladder leaks can significantly affect women’s quality of life, causing many to avoid sport, leisure and personal situations, due to fear of an embarrassing accident.

Pelviva is a disposable, single use, vaginally inserted Pelvic Floor muscle trainer that women can use at home or on the go. Pelviva exercises your Pelvic Floor muscle for you.

All you have to do – simply pull the tab, insert inside your vagina, leave for 30 minutes, remove and dispose of when convenient. Treatment is recommended every other day for a duration of 12 weeks.


No more worrying about bladder leaks!

Pelviva uses a unique technology that works naturally with the body, making the Pelvic Floor muscles contract, restoring speed and strength to the power fibres. It also trains the endurance fibres so that they ‘hold on’ when an urgent trip to the toilet is needed.

Pelviva offers a real solution – ONE combined treatment for stress, urgency and mixed bladder leakage. Great for the many women who have both types of leakage. Do you know the difference between stress, urgency, and mixed incontinence?

What women say about Pelviva

Don’t just take it from us, hear what these women have to say


“Before I tried Pelviva I was very dubious as to whether I would be able to confidently insert and keep it in for the recommended 30 minutes as I had never used a tampon before. I was unnecessarily anxious; Pelviva was extremely easy to use and came with very clear instructions. Pelviva has really helped me, I would highly recommend it. I have even managed to come off my medication!”

Lisa-Marie, aged 30 – suffered terribly for 18 months before discovering Pelviva.


“The symptoms I had before using Pelviva were typical of many women, especially those who have had children. I always made sure I knew where the nearest toilets were and went to the loo at every opportunity, even if I didn’t actually need to go! I used Pelviva for 3 months and found it very discreet and easy to use. I had a very positive experience with Pelviva; it made a difference to my pelvic floor control.”

Carolyn, aged 48 – mother of two

Do You Know?

Through no fault of their own, as many as 50% of women are unable to do Pelvic Floor Muscle exercises correctly and doing them wrong can make the issues worse.2,3

Let Pelviva do the work for you!
It’s time to regain control over your bladder, and your life!

Clinical Evidence

Women using Pelviva reported a four times greater reduction in the impact that bladder leaks had on their lives when compared to women doing their own Pelvic Floor exercises.1

In a 12 week study 84% of women reported improved bladder control and found Pelviva comfortable, easy to use and reported no side effects.1



“Pelviva is the result of painstaking research through academic, clinical and industry collaboration bringing innovation into healthcare. This trailblazing development has the potential to transform the lives of women worldwide.”

Professor Jacqueline Oldham PhD, BSc (Hons), RGN, Director of Corridor Manchester Health

You can regain bladder control too

Find out more and start using Pelviva to change your life


1. Oldham J, Herbert J, McBride K. Evaluation of a new disposable ‘tampon-like’ electrostimulation technology (Pelviva®) for the treatment of urinary incontinence in women: a 12-week single blind randomized controlled trial. Neurourology Urodynamics 2013; 32(5):460-466. doi 10.1002/nau.22326.
2. BØ K., Larsen S., Oseid S. et al. (1988) Knowledge about and ability to correct pelvic floor muscle exercises in women with stress urinary incontinence. Neurourology and Urodynamics. 69, 261-262.
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